20 tips for easy weight loss conclusion

Weight loss does not have to be difficult in the last part of the series we show weight loss tips 16-20. Losing weight is about discipline and developing a plan to accomplish your weight loss goal. With a little discipline and a plan anyone can lose weight easily.

Tip #16.

I think, people who are overweight naturally have gotten into that situation because of bad lifestyle when it comes to food choices, food quantity and exercise. Naturally, weight loss pills are easy sell to them as they continue to want to sit on their couch and expect to lose weight.

Hear me out! It does not work. Weight loss pills are not only dangerous to your body’s chemical balance, they work for only a short time because your lifestyle does not change. Unless you want to lose weight for just next month, stay off them completely.

Tip #17.

Stop thinking that dieting is a pain in the butt. The truth is, a healthy weight loss diet is not boring, or painful or uncomfortable. It is your passport to a new life. It is going to open up wonderful opportunities for you. The only thing that is boring, painful and uncomfortable is staying overweight.

Tip #18.

Restaurant food are generally high in fat and refined carbs. You have to cut down on eating out for sure. Fast food? Forget about it. Make healthy choices when eating out.

Even when eating out, try to eat less than the regular serving size. Take the rest home for left-overs.

Tip #19.

By the time the stomach sends a signal to brain that it’s full, usually it’s too late. You have already overeaten. Slowing down while eating will ensure that you know it well in advance when you are full.

Tip #20.

If you knew someone who has diabetes you’d know that the sugar level in your body peaks after eating. If you are not making much movement (sleeping) at this time, sugar level will still be higher giving body reasons to convert this sugar to fat. Keep about 3 hours difference between when you last ate to when you hit the bed.

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