What Should You Eat After Weight Loss Surgery?

Many people want to lose some weight for one reason or another. For some, it may be as simple as losing a few extra pounds so they can fit into their holiday clothes more comfortably.

But for others the target is to lose several stone. And when this is their goal it can be difficult to do it successfully. Persevering on a diet isn’t easy, which is why some people – especially those who have a lot of weight to lose – opt for having weight loss surgery to help them reach that goal.

However, it is essential to realise that what you eat after you have had the surgery will be very different from what you may have eaten before. For example, if you consistently ate meals in large portions you won’t be able to any longer; simply because you won’t be able to take on board that amount of food.

To begin with, you will have to stick to liquids immediately after your operation. This will give your body time to adjust to the effects of the surgery. You will eventually be able to start eating ‘normal’ food again though – that is, food which is solid and resembles a normal meal.

However, that doesn’t mean it would be a case of ‘back to normal’. You will find that certain foods you used to eat before, don’t agree with you now. A classic example is that of high fat food; even if you loved eating chocolate bars before, you may find that you can now only do so in moderation.

Whatever type of weight loss surgery you have, it will effectively reduce the size of your stomach. This means that you will feel full much sooner than you would have done before – if you try and overeat then you will certainly feel very uncomfortable. As a result, it can be best to stick to eating smaller portions.

Clearly these changes to your diet will take some getting used to. But they will result in long term and beneficial weight loss, as you adjust to your new diet. Regardless of whether you have a gastric bypass performed, or a gastric band fitted, you can get positive results from either procedure.

Low fat, low calorie foods will also be processed much more easily if you chew them well before swallowing; and high fibre foods are also recommended. They have the effect of cleaning your system and keeping everything moving as it should do.

Whichever type of weight loss surgery you opt for, it is clear that it can have great effects – if you eat the right foods afterwards.

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