Weight loss surgery myths

With the growing popularity of weight loss surgery, you are bound to hear stories about both how amazing it is and stories on weight loss surgery gone bad. Before having any surgery, you should always do your own research and ask your own questions. Did you ever play the game “telephone” when you were a kid? Remember how you would share a secret and by the time it got to the end of the line, it was nothing like what you had started!

Let’s take a look at some of the “telephone” myths of weight loss surgery.

Once you have the surgery, you will always be thin!
Wouldn’t that be awesome! That would definitely be a miracle cure.

The truth, every person will have a different experience. Though for some patients it will be a permanent fix, others can gain twenty or thirty percent back, or more. However, if you change your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits, you will have a better chance of keeping it off.

Plus, keep in mind that the surgery will help reduce your excess fat by up to 66 percent, but for many candidates, they will still be 50 or more pounds overweight.

You are cheating if you have weight loss surgery.
It seems like an easy way out on the surface. Go under the knife and suddenly you are thin without having to diet or exercise. If it was only that easy!

It is a long drawn out process involving both physical and psychological testing, a potential battle with your insurance company, being cut open, recovery, having to learn a whole new way to eat and completely changing your eating habits, nausea, and possible psychological issues when you realize food can no longer be a comfort for you.  The post surgery process is not a piece of cake. Patients have a lot of work to do to recover and keep it off. It’s a lot more challenging then you may realize.

Surgery will give you the perfect body. Swimsuit time!
That would be awesome!

The truth is though the fat will be gone, your skin has stretched out over the years and will not just bounce back into place, but will result in sagging skin. For some people, the only way to get rid of the stretched skin is plastic surgery.

Weight loss surgery is very, very, very dangerous!
All surgery has a risk of complications. However, your chances of living are highly in your favor.

Statistically, the death rate is one-half of 1 percent. That means you have a 99.5% chance of surviving. On the flip side, look at the statistics for those who continue living with morbid obesity.

Your life will be perfect after weight loss surgery!
The sky will always be blue, money will be in abundance and everyone will love you.

Your weight has nothing to do with happiness. Trust me, I’ve met plenty of skinny people who are miserable. Yes, you will have a chance to do things differently and I’m sure that people will look at you differently as well. Though your self esteem may be higher, you will have more opportunities open to you in being able to get around, and people will perceive you differently, you are and always have been, in charge of you. Happiness is an attitude and a way of dealing with things.

In fact, the divorce rate is higher among couples where one partner has had weight loss surgery. There are many possible reasons to this including jealousy over your new found attention, higher self esteem resulting in not letting yourself be beat up, or even a personality change.

You will never have to exercise again and can eat whatever you want!
Actually, the opposite is true. Not only will you have to exercise and stay in shape to help keep off the weight, you will be put on a strict diet.

The surgery is a tool to helping you change your lifestyle, not an immediate answer to happiness.

You can’t afford the surgery!
Definitely check with your insurance company to see if they cover it.
You will need to work extensively with your surgeon and physician in gathering together your medical history to prove to them that this is a necessary medical condition. It is true with the growing popularity of weight loss surgery over the last few years insurance companies are much stricter on their policies, many companies will cover it if a need is proven.

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