Interesting Tidbits on Obesity, Diet & Weight Loss

  • Hoodia, a plant native to South Africa is being hailed as the new weight loss miracle herb. Bushmen use it to suppress their appetite. The plant is now on the endangered list. Farmers are now experimenting with ways to grow this plant commercially.
  • Muscles burn roughly 90% of the calories you eat.
  • Americans spend over $30 billion per year on weight-loss products and programs.
  • Individuals with low thyroid levels may gain fat due to this abnormal condition.  Have your thyroid levels checked every 3 to 5 years.
  • Menopause in women is associated with increased abdominal fat and decreased bone density.
  • Fitness is more synonymous with health than with body weight.
  • Two spices that may slightly decrease hunger are turmeric and cinnamon– common spices found in curry.
  • Cutbacks in mandatory physical education have contributed to a decline in children’s physical activity levels. When available, they often include little physical activity nor emphasize the fun aspects of exercise.
  • There are over 24 genes associated with obesity. This direct genetic effect on obesity is estimated to be 25-40%. The other indirect genetic factors increases the genetic effect to approximately 70%.
  • In a report from Di Pasquale (2004) SWIS Conference, a “high carbohydrate diet negates the metabolic effects of caffeine, such as increased mobilization and oxidation of fatty acids, during exercise.”
  • Women who lose an average of 11 pounds decreased their risk for knee arthritis by 50%.
  • Slim inactive men have 2.5 times the mortality rate than active overweight men.
  • Even active individuals who have as much as 50 pounds over the recommended weight in weight charts have a lower mortality rate than slender individuals who are sedentary. (Blair & Paffenbarger, 1994; Blair, et al., 1989).
  • In the November issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, study authors discovered that children who were born after their mother’s bariatric surgery and weight loss had lower birth weight and waist circumference.  The children were also 3x less likely to become extremely obese than the older siblings before the surgery. The younger children also had better cardiovascular endurance, reduced insulin resistance and lower cholesterol.
  • EEOC reports that normal weight employees earn 2.5% more than their obese co-workers. This unfair practice is more prejudicial to female workers. Mark Roehling, a professor in the Department of Management, Western Michigan University found that mildly obese females earn 5-6% less than obese male workers (1% less) compared to their normal weight counterparts. Morbidly obese white women were 24.1 percent lower. However, wages of mildly obese white and black men were actually higher than their normal weight counterparts. Men only suffered wage penalties at the very highest weight levels.
  • The study also shows that overweight people are often stereotyped in the workplace as being socially handicapped, emotionally impaired, and perceived as having negative personality traits.

Grace Soong is the owner of Xtreme Fitness in Rochester, NY, since 2006. Grace has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. As a certified personal trainer, she has successfully trained numerous clients in reaching their weight & fitness goals. You can contact Grace at 585-227-4480.