The Cookie Diet

Well this is the strangest diet I’ve ever heard of and I’ve heard of a lot. If this diet actually worked then it would be the answer to a lot of people’s dreams. I mean eating cookies and losing weight how great would that be. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet claims that you can eat nothing but cookies and still lose weight

Of course this is not saying you can’t just stuff your face with chocolate chip or any other average brand of cookies all day. You have to eat Dr. Siegal’s specially formulated cookies to realize the benefits of this cookie diet.

Dr. Siegal created the cookie diet to help his patients lose weight with some speciality designed cookies. He designed them using certain food proteins to create an appetite suppressant effect. Many people find this to be the case.

If you want to completely follow the Cookie Diet, you can only eat six cookies total in a day, but hey this is better than none. You eat lean meat and one cup of vegetables for dinner. And this is the basic plan which is supposed to help you lose weight. Of course, calorie counts vary based on the choices you make, but in general, this adds up to about 800 calories per day.

The Cookie Diet web site fully admits that the cookies are not delicious, but they taste okay. Of course if the cookies tasted great then its doubtful you could just stop at 6 per day.

Nonetheless, the cookies should help suppress your appetite which should help you lose weight. I’m not totally sold yet, but eating cookies definitely sounds better than getting weight loss surgery. Of course for a lot of people Weight Loss surgery is the only thing that will prove effective in helping you to lose weight. But the cookie diet sure sounds interesting.

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