Sexual Health of Women

It is necessary to maintain proper health of the entire body. Various parts of the body can fall prey to different diseases. Under this area is included sexual health. The various issues that can be considered under sexual health are sexual dysfunctions and other sexually transmitted diseases. There are certain sexual problems that occur commonly among women. Some knowledge about these sexual problems is required. This article gives some information about the sexual problems that are commonly experienced by women.


There was a survey that had been conducted by the University of Chicago. It was found that a sexual problem that was most commonly prevalent among women was Hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Its abbreviated form is HSDD. The sex drive of women who are suffering from this sexual disorder is very less. Sometimes, sex drive is also referred to as libido. In addition to this, women may experience some problems in having an orgasm. During sexual intercourse there might be some painful feelings that are experienced. Around fourteen percent of women suffer from this sexual disorder. It has been found that this disorder reduces with the increase in age.     


In this sexual disorder, the desire to undertake any kind of sexual activity is less. The desire could even be completely absent. The woman may not have any fantasies about sex. However, the degree of sexual interest of women is different. Even this could lead to a low level of sex drive. Some women think more of sex while others think less. It has been found that women think of sex more when they are happy. Another sexual problem is the female orgasmic disorder. Here, the woman finds it hard to have an orgasm. The orgasm may be delayed or may not occur at all.


Sometimes, women may experience a low level of sex drive. There could be various reasons responsible for this. Feeling very tired can result in a low drive for sex. There might even be certain psychological reasons that could affect a woman’s appetite for sex. Certain medicines can have an effect on the sex drive. In addition to that, the desire for sex may be affected due to anxiety or depression. Certain medicines can have side effects. A doctor needs to be consulted in case of any kind of sexual problems. A good sexual health will enable you to lead a healthy life.  Plus its a fun way to lose weight and exercise.     

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