Self Pay for Vertical Sleeve Surgery

A lot of insurance companies will not pay for weight loss surgery of any kind. This is especially true when the elected surgery is Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy as it is still a fairly new procedure. It really does not make a lot of sense for insurance companies to not pay for these procedures as the health benefits for outweigh the risks associated with morbid obesity. It has been shown through some studies that people who elect to have bariatric surgery can live longer and healthier lives than if they did not have the weight loss surgery. Because of these a lot of people are forced to self pay for weight loss surgery.

This weight loss surgery is fairly expensive for people who have to self pay. Vertical Sleeve surgery is actually one of the cheaper surgeries, but it can still cost $12,000 dollars or more. Some of the other surgeries can cost as much as $20,000. Money can be saved by seeking out weight loss doctors in Mexico where expenses are not quite as high and you can get the surgery done and a vacation to recover at the same time.

If you first are denied approval by your insurance company, then do not give up hope.  A lot of times your weight loss surgeon can help you with this procedure. Most insurance companies are looking for key words when evaluating whether they will pay a claim and your weight loss surgeon will know what types of information they want to hear. Make sure you follow all the rules set out by your insurance company and do not give them any reason to deny your claim. A lot of times with a little persistence you can reverse their position. Just prepared yourself and be prepared to ask multiple times if needed. The best approach is to get your primary care physician to recommend the needed test and to write up information on the health risks you may have if you can not control your weight. These types of documents can go a long way in getting your insurance company from no to yes.

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