Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Weight Loss Surgery Options

One of the other terms for Vertical Sleeve surgery is the gastric sleeve surgery. Gastric Sleeve is not really the  proper term for vertical sleeve surgery( vsg) but many people still refer to VSG as gastric sleeve. Perhaps this is because almost everyone refers to weight loss surgery of any type as gastric surgery.

Gastric Sleeve surgery is a the process where a portion of the stomach is removed and after the surgical procedure. The stomach pretty much looks like a banana after the gastric sleeve procedure it performed. The gastric sleeve procedure is actually one of the safest weight loss surgical procedures aside from the lap band procedure. Of course the lapband is not really a gastric surgical procedure as it only restricts the amount of food which which you can intake, but its only a synthetic device which restricts intake and does not involve altering the actual gastric organs in anyway.

Gastric Sleeve is a lot different as it involves actually removing a section of the stomach and stapling the stomach back together. Most gastric sleeve procedures are done in a laproscopic manner which reduces the amount of time it requires to recover from the surgical procedure. Another benefit of Gastric sleeve surgery is since it only removes a portion of the stomach, then its safer than a procedure such as roux en y (RNY). The reason is that the digestive tract is not altered in a way that reduces the ability of the stomach to process nutrients in the same way as before the surgical procedure. Other procedures such as the RNY or duodenal switch do change the way the digestive system works.

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