Child Obesity from Fast food

There are many children in the world especially the United States who are overly obese or morbidly obese. Many times parents may consider weight loss surgery for these children. This is not really a great idea as the malabsorptive risks of most of these weight loss surgeries are counterproductive to the health of a child. There have been studies that show a lot of child obesity comes from eating fast food. Fast food has some of the worst nutritional value as any one type of food for children and adults alike.

Child obesity from fast food is a growing problem and not really something that should be corrected with weight loss surgery. Probably a better idea would be to reduce the intake of these sorts of fatty foods and enroll the child in an exercise program. A child’s metabolism is still much higher than that of any adult and the proper exercise and dietary change can alleviate the problem with morbid obesity in a child with out expensive and dangerous bariatric weight loss surgery. In extreme circumstances then there may be no other method that will work to help a child other than weight loss surgery. In this extreme case then a Vertical Sleeve Gastroectomy or VSG  surgery may be the best of a child as it causes weight loss of about 55% of the ideal body weight of a child without the side effects of malabsorption.  As always only make decisions about whether to have or to have your child have weight loss surgery only at the advice of a medical professional you is trained in Bariatric weight loss surgery best practices.

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