Men and Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic surgery has of course mainly been perceived as a tool utilised by women to maintain their appearance in what has become a largely image orientated society. Men have always shied away from going under the surgeons knife in a bid to not be seen as worrying too much about their appearance. In the last […]

Older Women Weight Loss Dilemmas

One of the best ways to ensure you will not have to compromise between saving your butt or face is to maintain an appropriate weight throughout all your lifetime. Exercise and eat right then when old age comes around there won’t be these sudden decisions of which to save – your butt or your face. […]

Weight Loss Diet How Can Calotren Supplement Give A Healthy Body

With over half the population in most countries being affected by obesity, it has become vital to find a solution for it. In this context, Calotren supplement has been found to be of great use. It is a protein supplement which helps the body to lose fat in a natural way. It works in combination […]