Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass is being favored by very many people around the world. Weight-loss surgery changes the anatomy of your digestive system to limit the amount of food you eat and digest. The surgery aids in weight loss and lowers your risk of medical problems associated with obesity. Gastric bypass is preferred by surgeons because it […]

Obesity Treatment through Gastric ByPass Surgery

Obesity is one of the major health problems among people of all age groups today. The increase in the number of obese people over the past 10 years is alarming. In the US, the problem of obesity has reached epidemic proportions. All obese people may have tried some form of weight loss program to lose […]

Could Insurance Companies be Set to Ease Funding on Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Ask any bariatric surgeon whether or not gastric bypass surgery lowers a patient’s risk of early death and he will tell you without any hesitation that it does. Indeed, he will probably be surprised that you are posing the question at all since surgeons have known for years that weight loss surgery extends a patient’s […]

Weight Loss Surgery or Bariatric Surgery

Exercise and eating right are the best ways to lose weight. But many people have tried those methods for years and still can’t lose excess weight — weight that can cause serious health problems. For people in this frustrating situation, weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) may be an option. The articles in this website will […]