Should You Choose Lap Band Surgery Or Gastric Banding Over Other Weight Loss Surgeries?

If you’ve been thinking about lap band surgery or gastric banding or adjustable gastric banding then the following facts may help you decide whether or not it would be the best weight loss solution for you. Generally candidates for this surgery have failed on many diets and may or may not have significant co-morbidities and […]

Gastric Bypass Surgery – What You Need to Know

Gastric bypass surgery is considered a convenient and effective long-term weight loss solution for people diagnosed as morbidly obese. But because gastric bypass surgery is an elective procedure, it is imperative that you weigh both the risks and the benefits before signing on for this life-changing procedure. This article will explain gastric bypass surgery step-by-step […]

Male Plastic Surgery – The Lowdown

While it is no longer unusual for men to go under the knife in pursuit of cosmetic enhancement, we still tend to think of plastic surgery as the domain, primarily, of women. Today however the demand for male plastic surgery is growing enormously and you may be curious as to which procedures all these image-aware […]

Is Lap Band Surgery The Weight Loss Solution For You?

If you’re thinking about undergoing weight loss surgery, it’s not only an important medical decision but a significant financial decision too. Lap band surgery or adjustable gastric band procedure is usually used in dire circumstances and is performed with laparoscopic instruments, which means the surgery is minimally invasive and has a short time for recovery. […]