Why The Brazilian Acai Fruit Is Better Than Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity in the United States has reached endemic proportions. And many are turning to weight loss surgery as a quick-fix solution. Somewhere in the Amazon jungle, there lies the safest alternative to gastric bypass surgery – the Brazilian acai fruit. Just like any other invasive surgical treatment, stomach stapling and intestinal bypass are not 100% […]

Advice on How to Mentally Prepare for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery can help you reach your weight loss goals. However, getting the most from the procedure involves emotional grounding for the journey just ahead. Discover ways to prepare for gastric bypass surgery mentally. Understand the Procedure Inside and Out Being mentally prepared for gastric bypass surgery starts with being informed. Learn […]

Precisely How Does the Sleeve Gastrectomy Form of Weight Loss Surgery Work?

With obesity continuing to increase in the West weight loss surgery has become a routine form of surgery in many medical facilities. The sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive type of weight loss surgery in which approximately 85% of the stomach is removed leaving a sleeve shaped stomach with a substantially reduced capacity of somewhere […]

Massive Weight Loss Surgery

Morbid obesity is a new epidemic afflicting nearly one third of all Americans. One of the most effective ways for permanent weight loss has been “Bariatric” surgery, including gastric bypass and gastric banding. Successful patients will lose 100 pounds within 18 to 24 months of surgery. Having successfully battled obesity, these people are now […]