Why People Use Phentermine For Weight Loss

Obesity is a major contributor to the development of a number of serious illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. A balanced diet and regular exercise remain to be the most important and the safest ways to lose weight and keep it off. However, a lot of people find it quite difficult to sustain these, […]

Weight Loss Surgery or Bariatric Surgery

Exercise and eating right are the best ways to lose weight. But many people have tried those methods for years and still can’t lose excess weight — weight that can cause serious health problems. For people in this frustrating situation, weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) may be an option. The articles in this website will […]

Arlington Lap-band Specialist Provides Weight Loss Surgery Solutions for North Texas Patients

Lap-Band candidates who live near Arlington, Texas, don’t have to travel to Dallas to find a skilled bariatric surgeon in their area. Based at the Medical Center of Arlington, Dr. Jason Harrison specializes in weight loss surgery, including the Lap-Band and gastric sleeve procedures. Dr. Harrison is best known as the Arlington Lap-Band specialist. The […]