Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

  With massive weight loss, in a short period of time, patients are often left with a significant amount of excess skin.  Because of the rapid weight loss, the patient’s skin doesn’t “bounce back” adequately, resulting in a multitude of problems including problems with moisture, skin break down, hygiene and body image problems (aesthetic concerns).  […]

Weight Loss Options: The Liposuction Procedure

Weight loss surgery has long been a part of the plastic surgery world, helping those who are facing weight challenges to find a healthier weight and way of life. There are many important considerations to make when seeking out surgical care and it is always important to ask plenty of questions, so that the procedure […]

Vertical Sleeve Gastroectomy

Vertical Sleeve Gastroectomy, what is commonly known as VSG Surgery, is becoming one of the newest popular bariatric weight loss surgeries. It is less restrictive than some of the other bariatric weight loss surgeries, has no effect or change to the small intestine, and the recovery time is shorter. To understand the difference between the […]