New Year Resolution – Lose Weight, Let Medical Tourism Help You Achieve it

Everybody make resolutions for the new year, and since we’re all sadly munching on our carrot sticks after a week of holiday gluttony I think one of the most common new year’s resolution is to lose weight and I’m sure you are not the exception, and one of my resolutions is to give you more […]

Yoga For Weight Loss for Beginners (2007)

Product Description Reshape your body and feel great with these easy to follow routines. Now you can burn calories while toning and stretching your entire body. These practices will leave you feeling invigorated, more energetic and de-stressed. Three Sections Of Routines Getting Started Routines As You Progress Routines EXCLUSIVE BONUS SECTION: WEIGHTS & BANDS: Integrates […]

Self Image And Weight Loss 2 Biggies In Life

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Do you like what you see even if it isn’t perfect? Self image and weight loss go hand in hand. It’s hard to believe this, but even skinny people have some part of their body that they aren’t particularly fond of. A big […]