Failed Gastric Bypass Surgery-Why Does it Happen?

Having had gastric bypass surgery, I am little bit shocked at the percentage of failed gastric bypass surgeries. But I guess I should not be. The people in the promotional pictures for this surgery are always going to look good. After all, how can you sell something that doesn’t do what it promises? But if […]

Weight Loss Surgery – Is Surgery For Losing Weight Worth It?

If you have been dieting for a long time that you feel like you are on some kind of eternal weight loss program, for sure you have been considering on or thinking about having a weight loss surgery done. Weight loss surgery is not a new way towards losing weight for it has been around […]

Weight Loss with Hypnosis CD: Lose up to 15 Pounds in 21 Days!

Product Description Hypnosis is a proven way to change your habits. Overeating is simply a habit, nothing more, nothing less. Weight loss begins from the neck up…in your mind. Let Rosa Smith-Montanaro virtual weight loss coach, master hypnotist and awarding winning creator of help you to lose weight and keep it off. She has […]

Which Type of Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Available ?

In the old days, when a person had something about their physical appearance that they wanted to change, unless it was weight loss there was very little that they could actually do about it. Nowadays, thanks to medical technology, people who know that their self esteem would be much improved if they could change something […]