Big Medicine Season 1 – Episode 6: Weight N’ See

Product Description Father and son surgeon team tackle obesity. Big Medicine chronicles the personal stories of severely obese patients who turn to the Houston Methodist Weight Management Center as a life-changing last resort. Season 1 – Episode 6: While Robert and Garth work around the clock to get Marc Brackens approved for surgery, Marc gets […]

Weight Loss Surgery is a Blessing for the Obese People

Heavy weight people suffer mentally and physically. They hesitate to mix with people and hence, create a separate environment for themselves. They also suffer from various type of physical problem and life becomes a hell for them. To reduce excess weight, many obese people perform various types of physical exercises like brisk walking, yoga, swimming […]

Weight Loss Surgery in India: Affordable Cost and Advanced Medical Solutions

Weight loss surgery in India is largely being undertaken by abroad patients and medical tourists who want to get a fit body with obesity removal. The doctors and surgeons at the most medically sophisticated weight loss surgery hospitals in India at Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi have earned a good international repute in providing weight reduction […]

Affordable Weight Loss Surgery Clinics for Quick Fat Reduction

Weight reduction therapists play an important role in fat loss by recommending exemplary therapy treatments. Therapists prescribe cognitive behavioral management therapies, motivational therapies, and diet therapies. Therapy programs encourage obese patients to improve their overeating habits with high self motivational skills. Weight reduction counselors recommend unique medication treatments, exercise advices, fat loss tips, yoga, meditation, […]