Weight Loss: How Lap Band Surgery Removes Excess Weight

A weight lossĀ  procedure that you have surely heard of is the Lap band surgery. The results per the people who have elected to have Lap band surgery is feeling of happiness,including celebrities. Even so, prior to you thinking that it is the appropriate method for you to lose the extra weight, one should consider […]

Know More About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Have you ever heard of gastric bypass surgery? Chances are you probably have at least heard of it even if you do not know what it is. With more of the American population becoming obese, it is more common to hear of weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass. In this surgery, the stomach is […]

Gastric Banding for Weight Loss

If your obese and are looking to lose weight and have tried diet and excerise then Restrictive surgery could be the answer. In a restrictive surgery e.g. gastric banding, the surgeon uses one of a variety of techniques to reduce the size of the stomach. After restrictive surgery, a person feels full faster, eats less, […]