77 tips for natural weight loss

In the twenty years from 1979-1991 the hospital costs for children and youth have risen from 35 million in 1979-1981 to 127 million from 1997-1991 (Preventing childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance, 2005, Institute of Medicine). The number of obese people is ever increasing. Here are some tips that may help people lose weight. Weight […]

Acai Berry Extreme All-In-One Colon Cleanse, Weight Loss, Antioxidant, Appetite Suppressant, Metabolism Booster

Product Description Acai Berry Extreme is the ultimate all-natural weight loss and gentle cleanse formula. Our proprietary blend of all natural ingredients allows an all-in-one solution that fights hunger, speeds metabolism, cleanses the body of pounds of waste and toxins and just flat out helps you lose weight, FAST! Initia has gone to great lengths […]

Should You Go For Liposuction Or Natural Weight Loss Program?

There are certain individuals who will not be suitable to have a medical procedure like liposuction surgery. For example, pregnant women have no business going for liposuction until they have given birth to their babies. Another is, ff you have a blood or circulatory condition, liposuction may not be a good choice for you to […]

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss – Deluxe DVD Edition (2000)

Amazon.com Title notwithstanding, Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss isn’t likely to promote weight loss any more than lots of other videos will. But that’s not a knock–it merely reflects the fact that anyone who practices yoga regularly and conscientiously can both shave off some extra pounds and significantly reshape his or her body. With four […]