Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Growth of the breast tissue in men is common and is called gynecomastia. This condition often occurs during puberty and in many occasions resolves spontaneously. It can also occur in old age in which case it is unlikely to resolve but rarely requires treatment. In people under the age of 20 treatment is rarely performed […]

Lap Ban Surgery: Best Solution To Weight Loss

Lap ban is a silicone belt which is used around the top of the stomach. It has ability to control your hunger and you satisfied. This means, you are easting much less and feel better. The main key element of lap ban system is adjustability. It is connected to the port which enables the device […]

Illness and Impotence Make the Choice for Gastric Bypass

I was always a big kid growing up. My weight never bothered me. To me, every kid gets picked on for something and by the time my junior and senior years in high school came around the jokes about my weight had stopped and no one seemed to care any more. This is what usually […]