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Persons who are obese suffer from various physical and mental issues. As a result, even after attempting all these methods if you are unable to shed the weight, it is smart to consult with your weight lossĀ  specialist the process of a gastric bypass surgery lose weight. However, the gastric bypass cost may not seem […]

Could Insurance Companies be Set to Ease Funding on Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Ask any bariatric surgeon whether or not gastric bypass surgery lowers a patient’s risk of early death and he will tell you without any hesitation that it does. Indeed, he will probably be surprised that you are posing the question at all since surgeons have known for years that weight loss surgery extends a patient’s […]

The High Costs of Gastric Bypass Surgeries

Today, one out of every five adult American men and one out of every four adult American women are obese. Most of them just need to improve diet and exercise. But about 170,000 per year are having gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. The operation is not inexpensive. The average asking price is $38,700. While […]

What is the Cost of Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery?

Anybody who is considering lap band surgery will probably have a list of questions and fairly high up on that list will be the question of cost. Sadly, while this may seem like an easy question, it is not quite so easy to answer. The cost of having lap band weight loss surgery will […]