Precisely How Does the Sleeve Gastrectomy Form of Weight Loss Surgery Work?

With obesity continuing to increase in the West weight loss surgery has become a routine form of surgery in many medical facilities. The sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive type of weight loss surgery in which approximately 85% of the stomach is removed leaving a sleeve shaped stomach with a substantially reduced capacity of somewhere […]

Gastric Bypass Reduces Hunger in Some Surprising Ways

A smaller stomach may not be the only reason why post-gastric bypass patients eat less. A recent study done at the Emory University in Atlanta found a significant drop in a hunger-related hormone in post-gastric bypass patients. The hormone is called ghrelin, and is one of 24 different hormones that may help to regulate […]

Plastic Surgery for Men Correcting Male Breast Enlargement

Correcting male breast enlargement, a condition known as gynecomastia, has become the third most requested procedure of plastic surgery for men in the United States. San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott W. Mosser, reports a steady increase in male patients in the Bay Area seeking many plastic surgery procedures once performed only on women. […]

Severe Morbid Obesity

A friend of mine was suffering from morbid obesity. She had tried dieting, but nothing she did worked. The weight would all come back. One day she told me she was going to have weight loss surgery. There are multiple reasons why those with morbid obesity want to lose weight besides skin deep beauty. Shedding […]