77 tips for natural weight loss

In the twenty years from 1979-1991 the hospital costs for children and youth have risen from 35 million in 1979-1981 to 127 million from 1997-1991 (Preventing childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance, 2005, Institute of Medicine). The number of obese people is ever increasing. Here are some tips that may help people lose weight. Weight […]

Lap Band or Gastric Bypass

Bariatric surgery can help you get rid of excess fat of your body and helps in leading a healthy lifestyle. This could be either achieved by stapling a small portion of your stomach or by tying the stomach with a band.   Lap band and gastric bypass are the two surgical options for severely obese […]

Weight Loss Secrets – The Truth About Gastric Bypass Surgery

For those of you, who are unfamiliar with gastric bypass surgery, allow me to explain. The basic idea of the surgical procedure is to help to treat morbid obesity. Morbid obesity is classified as an excessive accumulation of fatty tissues all over the body and excess weight. A lot of people that get this surgery […]

Weight Loss Answers: Liposuction Procedures

Finding the weight loss surgery that is best for you is important if surgery has become your only option to lose weight. There are a number of options which many plastic surgeons are experienced with. For some, more invasive procedures are necessary, and for others, only minor areas of stubborn body fat need be addressed. […]