The Dangers of Weight Loss

Obsession with weight loss can be devastating, and may even be dangerous. The fear of fat has driven many individuals to take drastic, and even dangerous, measures aimed at weight loss. Obsession with weight loss and dieting has become a national crisis. The health hazards and dangers of weight loss are not to be taken […]

Body Contouring After Drastic Weight Loss

For some people, weight loss becomes such a vital necessity that there is no choice but to take drastic measures. Years of obesity, of losing weight and regaining it, can take a terrible toll on your health and self-image. If your health is severely threatened, a doctor might recommend rapid weight loss, through strict dieting […]

Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss

Weight loss is something that is pursued by a huge percentage of the population. With obesity an epidemic in this country, it makes sense that people would begin to realize that they need to start dropping pounds. It`s after that weight loss that cosmetic surgery comes into play. There are two main reasons people seek […]