How to Choose the Top Plastic Surgeon in your Area

Making the choice to undergo plastic surgery is a very personal decision. Some people choose to have plastic surgery to correct the effects of an accident or disease. Others choose plastic surgery to reform the shape of their body after serious physical changes such as weight loss or pregnancy. Plastic surgery can be used to […]

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment After Weight Loss

So, you have sweated, passed on countless chocolate cakes, and pushed your willpower to its limit. Losing a massive amount of weight is not an easy task, and you thought all of your hard efforts would be rewarded. You would be ready to slip into that slinky dream dress or run bare-chested down the sand […]

The Truth About Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has become popular because of its quick, dramatic results, but is it truly worth the cost? Is there a better option? Patience is a virtue many of us do not possess. When it comes to weight loss, we like to see immediate results. There is nothing more frustrating than faithfully following a […]

Weight Loss Diet Radiofrequency Assisted Lipoplasty A Liposuction Alternative

One popular alternative to liposuction is Radiofrequency Assisted Lipoplasty. This new medical procedure for treating fat and cellulite is a way for patients to see dramatic results in a relaxing way with no downtime. Using a form of radio frequency to deliver volumetric heat without damaging the epidermis, the procedure works to melt both subcutaneous […]