Weight Loss Surgery: What You Need To Know Before You Go Under the Knife

After trying and failing many, many times over to lose weight, many people end up despairing and seeking other alternatives. Some turn to drugs, which have an equally high rate of disappointment, but others start looking at an alternative that is reported to be more effective: Weight loss surgery. Nowadays, there are many types of […]

New Year Resolution – Lose Weight, Let Medical Tourism Help You Achieve it

Everybody make resolutions for the new year, and since we’re all sadly munching on our carrot sticks after a week of holiday gluttony I think one of the most common new year’s resolution is to lose weight and I’m sure you are not the exception, and one of my resolutions is to give you more […]

Life After Gastric Bypass – How Different Will It Be?

If you are someone wondering what life after gastric bypass will be like then you are probably someone who is considering this surgical procedure for yourself. And if this is the case then you are someone who is obese and has had it with diets that do not work. Not only that but you would […]

Weight Loss Surgery; The Last Resort

For millions of overweight people who have walked through the endless revolving door of weight loss and weight gain there may come a day when having weight loss surgery becomes a decision with which they are faced. And while weight loss surgery represents the final frontier for many who have battled the bulge for years, […]