A Gastric Bypass Diet Without Surgery

In today’s market, that must be a million diets available to a persons looking to shed some weight. People are now wondering if a gastric bypass diet without surgery will help them lose weight and the answer is yes. A gastric bypass diet is basically 60 grams of protein a day with less than […]

Would You Prefer Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery Performs in U.s. or Mexico or in India?

There are numerous lap band and gastric banding clinics proposing the method in both U.S and Mexico. The cost of lap band surgery has been declining in the United States over the past couple of years. The two major causes are- the expanded number of surgeons accomplishing the procedure and the affray from other foreign […]

Fat Loss With Liposuction and Gastric Bypass Surgery

A fat loss plan involving eating the right food and following a strict exercise routine will lead to a permanent reduction in weight. However, in spite of this, there may be isolated areas of the body harboring fatty tissue that don’t respond to a diet or exercise. These areas may be the face, the neck, […]

Profect Portfolio – Compact Hypoallergenic Protein Beverage for Diabetics, Health and Exercise Enthusiasts, Dieters

Product Description Profect is the first capsulized protein beverage. Profect delivers a 25-gram dose of hypoallergenic protein in a compact, ready-to-drink, 3-ounce vial. The Profect Portfolio is a contemporary aluminum case with 4 original Profect vials (Fresh Citrus Berry, Grapefruit Mango, Blue Raspberry Swirl and Cool Melon Splash). Each vial can be consumed in less […]