How is Lap Band Different From Gastric Bypass?

Morbidly obese people generally find it difficult to lose weight using traditional weight loss methods. Such people choose to either gastric bypass or lap band surgery methods, which helps in reducing considerable amount of body fat. Before performing any kind of surgery, your doctor will check your health history, your body mass index and other […]

Insurance Cover For Gastric Bypass Surgery

An increasing number of people today find that their weight has achieved such a level that they either choose, or are more or less forced to choose, gastric bypass surgery as the only solution to their weight problem. However, having decided to undergo surgery, they are faced with the complex problem of just how to […]

Get your Weight Loss Surgery Cost at One Place

Obesity surgery has evolved significantly in most recent years and there are now several distinct methods presented encompassing normal gastric bypass surgery (such as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery and mini gastric bypass surgery), restrictive methods (such as the gastric sleeve or lap banding) and malabsorptive methods which bypass part of the intestine (such as the […]

How Do I Have Weight Loss Surgery Overseas?

Weight loss surgery is one of the few surgeries that isn’t covered by US insurance plans. This makes it difficult for overweight people to find insurance coverage for their weight loss surgery and to avoid the exorbitant cost of the procedure. Enter the world of medical tourism, where a person can have weight loss surgery […]