Weight-loss Surgery Yet to Attract People

According to the American Obesity Association, obese people have a 50-100 per cent increased risk of death as compared to normal weight individuals. Severe obesity is associated with a significant increase in morbidity. Attempts to manage morbid obesity with medical weight reduction programmes have failed completely. Childhood obesity is on the rise in Pakistan […]

Weight Loss Surgery in Florida

Florida is facing a public health crisis:  the crisis of obesity. Obesity, a disease in which a person’s weight becomes significantly above the norm, is on the rise in Florida. In fact, almost 60% of the population of the Sunshine State is overweight or obese. And the crisis extends to our children as well. According […]

Weight Loss Surgery in Kentucky

We’re getting fat, Kentucky. Across our state, the number of overweight and obese individuals is rapidly increasing. In fact, almost 67% of the population of Kentucky is overweight or obese, placing the Bluegrass State among the fattest in the nation. Unsurprisingly, Kentucky is also among the top-ranked states in the nation in adults suffering from […]

Weight Loss Surgery in Louisiana

Obesity is a health crisis in Louisiana, affecting nearly two-thirds of the state population. In fact, 62% of adults in Louisiana are overweight or obese. Rates of type 2 diabetes, a disease typically associated with obesity, continue to increase in Louisiana as well. What’s more, our kids are suffering: 17 percent of Louisiana’s children age […]