Life After Gastric Bypass – How Different Will It Be?

If you are someone wondering what life after gastric bypass will be like then you are probably someone who is considering this surgical procedure for yourself. And if this is the case then you are someone who is obese and has had it with diets that do not work. Not only that but you would […]

Weight Loss Quick Diet

Many people believe that eating a purely low fat menu is the answer to losing weight, yet our society is more and more overweight with each passing year. Low fat foods and diets have been popular for quite some time. For the truly inspired, a two-week diet plan along with balanced menus is available to […]

20 tips for easy weight loss 3

In part 3 of 20 tips for easy weight loss we look at the importance of working your plan and putting your mind in the correct frame for losing weight. Keep developing your weight loss plan and soon you will be able to fit into the teeiny weeny pokadot bikini and reach your weight loss […]