The Truth About Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has become popular because of its quick, dramatic results, but is it truly worth the cost? Is there a better option? Patience is a virtue many of us do not possess. When it comes to weight loss, we like to see immediate results. There is nothing more frustrating than faithfully following a […]

Weight Loss Surgery in Texas

Beef! Chili! Seafood! Soul food! Beer! Chicken-fried everything! And of course the best barbeque in the world. Is there anything to eat or drink that we here in the Lone Star State don’t make better than anyone else? Millions of Texans know the answer is “no!” But all that good eatin’ has a downside – […]

Weight Loss Diet Learn To Control Hunger

The concept of a diet is simple enough, but the follow through is what tortures most people. What’s the hardest part about dieting? Hunger ! Intense hunger and cravings causes many people to cave in when they see a plate of cookies tormenting them while they are on their diet. Two of the main reasons […]