How much have Movies Contributed to Morbid Obesity

I was watching Home Alone 2 last night with my son and when the movie got to the scene where Kevin was in the luxurious hotel room with the room service employee fixing a huge ice cream sundae for him, my son then asked for Ice Cream. I felt like Ice Cream too even though its pretty cold here at the moment, so we got in the car and went to the store to buy some. Well we bought our ice cream and came back home and as I was eating it something occurred to me. We had just been totally duped by a movie. As I thought about this all day, I can remember many scenes in different movies and even television shows where food is held in this luxurious light. Thing of how many times you watch something that invokes this sort of response in you.

So I ask, is the movie and television industries somewhat responsible for the morbid obesity of a lot of people within the United States and even the world. I can’t really comment on television outside of the US as I have not seen a lot of these types of shows, but I imagine they are similar. Advertising is a way of life and we are always constantly subjected to it. This has probably contributed to the tripling of morbid obesity in adults over the past few years.

Many of the die hard people will say that the commercial whether its an actual commercial or a subtle hint in a television show actually made some eat more than they would normally eat, but the human brain is very complicated and the more it is subjected to something the more that something become reality. Look at our kids, our kids are larger than they ever have been in history and kids today watch a lot more television than their parents. When I was growing up I did not have 600 channels to watch I had two, three on a good day when the signals could travel. So our kids and us are watching television more and being subjected to these subliminal messages that the advertisers put in the movies to entice us into buying something else and actually contributing to this problem of morbid obesity.  

I’m not sure if any of these ramblings made any sense, but perhaps this is one of the reasons people must turn to procedures such as weight loss surgery to combat morbid obesity. I for one am seriously considering breaking my T.V.

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