The Use of Lap Band in Weight Loss Surgery

People with a weight problem have been looking into ways to lose the weight and keep it off. Sometimes they have success, but it takes tremendous amounts of discipline that keeps them on a very strict diet.  Many times when they reach a plateau -where they stop losing weight-frustration sets in and they go back to their old ways of eating.   Furthermore, many people have weight problems due to genetic conditions that cause them to gain weight.  Morbid obesity is a dangerous condition for anyone, and people who are in good health could benefit from weight loss surgery that utilizes the lap band.

Weight loss using the lap band has been very successful, and many doctors in Australia and Europe have used this technique during the initial phase of human trials. Lap band weight loss surgery works by placing an inflatable Slapstick band around the upper part of the stomach.  This creates a small gastric pouch that eliminates the need for the doctor to reconnect the stomach to the intestines. The Lap-Band procedure is done laparoscopically.

This surgery uses a Slapstick band, plastic access port, and a connecting tube.  The band has a plastic ring in the inside that is filled with water once it has been placed around the upper part of the stomach.    From there, water is injected into the lining, causing it to expand and partially close the opening of the stomach.   Weight loss surgery through the lap band helps to limit how much food passes into the stomach.    The access port is attached to the band, and water can be injected or removed from the ring as needed by using a needle and syringe.

When the doctor first inserts the lap band during weight loss surgery, the passage at the top of the stomach is cleaned. The lap band is then put into place and secured using a special interlocking mechanism. The access port is then implanted just beneath the skin and the ring is then filled with water.  The doctor will add or remove water as he or she see fits based on how the patient’s weight loss regimen is going after the weight loss surgery with the lap band.

Weight loss surgery with the lap band has had encouraging results but patients need to work with their doctor in administering the use of lap band to narrow and widen the stomach entrance.   Patients will see an average weight loss of eighty to one hundred pounds using this technique.  As everyone is different, more or less weight can be lost depending on how strictly the patient follows the diet the doctor advises and how their body adjusts to the tightness of the band.   While weight loss using weight loss surgery with the lap band takes longer than other procedures, patients will lose the most pounds during the first three months. 

Lap band weight loss surgery can be helpful for people who are morbidly obese and willing to have a healthier lifestyle.

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