Easy Weight Loss Plan: A Simple Secret To Ensure Weight Loss Sucess

I know what you are thinking “Easy Weight Loss Plan”, Ya, Right! As a doctor I am always been given information by patients on this and that diet or strategy and it can be unbelievably confusing. Even as a doctor, I am confused. I have taken all sorts of course on nutrition and health and […]

Gastric Bypass Surgery – Origins of the Procedure

Gastric bypass surgery has become an increasingly popular procedure for people suffering from morbid obesity. When diets and exercise routines continually fail, or when obesity-related health issues become life threatening, doctors may recommend gastric bypass surgery as a solution to dramatically reduce a patient’s weight. Surgeons first experimented with weight loss surgery almost 40 years […]

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery & Career Success

A recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that many women in the workforce are linking cosmetic surgery to success in their careers. There has always been proven research that appearances go a long way when it comes to a successful career. Whether it’s being hired, keeping your job, or being […]

Could Insurance Companies be Set to Ease Funding on Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Ask any bariatric surgeon whether or not gastric bypass surgery lowers a patient’s risk of early death and he will tell you without any hesitation that it does. Indeed, he will probably be surprised that you are posing the question at all since surgeons have known for years that weight loss surgery extends a patient’s […]