Components of a Bariatric Surgery Program

There are several components to look for in a Bariatric surgery program. These components are crucial to ensuring you receive the best surgery possible and have the greatest success with weight loss. One thing to look for when choosing a bariatric surgery program for weight loss is whether the weight loss surgeon and the weight […]

Sex after weight loss surgery

There is evidence that sexual desires can be improved after vertical sleeve surgery or any sort of weight loss surgery.  A study cited by LivingAfterWLS states “Participants in a study conducted by the Obesity Society in Vancouver, Canada reported that participants who lost on average 17.5 percent of their body weight reported improved sex lives” […]

Child Obesity from Fast food

There are many children in the world especially the United States who are overly obese or morbidly obese. Many times parents may consider weight loss surgery for these children. This is not really a great idea as the malabsorptive risks of most of these weight loss surgeries are counterproductive to the health of a child. […]

Vertical Sleeve Gastroectomy

Vertical Sleeve Gastroectomy, what is commonly known as VSG Surgery, is becoming one of the newest popular bariatric weight loss surgeries. It is less restrictive than some of the other bariatric weight loss surgeries, has no effect or change to the small intestine, and the recovery time is shorter. To understand the difference between the […]