Sleeve Gastrectomy vs Gastric Bypass

When choosing a weight loss surgery there are several questions you may ask. The most prevalent that most people ask themselves is which type of procedure should I get? The answer to this question varies by individual and you should make the choice based on your preference and how much weight you need to lose as a result of the weight loss surgery.

The two most popular weight loss surgery procedures are the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Most doctors who are not recommending lapband, recommend one of this two types of weight loss surgery.

The gastric sleeve is considered the safest of the two surgeries, but you will not lose as much weight with the gastric sleeve or vertical sleeve surgery as you will with the gastric bypass or the Roux-en-Y bypass surgery. There are also other items to consider. While patients normally lose more with with the gastric bypass, there are also more complications associated with this surgery are well as longer recovery times.

The gastric sleeve surgery involves removing a portion of the stomach thus making it smaller and it restricts food intake. Since the stomach stays pretty much in tact, then the chances of the patient not getting enough nutrients is reduced.

The gastric bypass procedure also restricts the amount of food intake a patient can consume, but it also creates a malabsorption effect where some of the nutrients are bypassed( thus the name gastric bypass) the stomach area. This can increase the likely hood that a patient will not receive the proper nutrients and can cause complications.

Gastric Bypass vs Sleeve Gastrectomy

Type of Surgery Gastric Sleeve Surgery Gastric Bypass Surgery
Procedure Method The stomach size is reduce by approximately 75% and becomes the shape of a banana The stomach size is reduced by only using the top portion of the stomach and then the intestine is rerouted to bypass portions of the stomach.
Intestine changes Not touched The small intestine is rerouted to the upper area of the stomach
Operating Times Can normally be done in 1 to 3 hours Approximately 2-3 hours depending upon the patient’s surrounding organs
Hospital Stay 3 Days, but is sometimes released sooner 3 Days
Recovery Time Most people are feeling completely recovered after 3 weeks Can taker as long as 3 months before the patients gets back to normal.
Advantages This is the safer of the two procedures because:

It limits food ingestion
Keeps you from feeling hunger
The digestive process is still the same as originally just with a smaller stomach
This is the preferred option for high risk patients as its not as intrusive

This surgery greatly reduces the amount of intake,
The malabsoration makes the weight loss quicker.
There is a dumping syndrome affect which reduces the ability to consume high sugar foods.
Has been performed a lot more than other procedures and thus is considered to have better associated studies for goal accomplishment.

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Affordable Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in the US. Liposuction not only deals with the cosmetic surgery, many times its used to remove the extra fat prior to weight loss surgery. This allows the individual to lose weight faster than with just the surgery. The cost of liposuction is sometimes a determent for a lot of people.  It is also a necessary medical procedure for some people.  Unfortunately, the mistaken impression that liposuction is an unneeded procedure is what allows medical insurance companies to deny coverage. The cost can be a formidable deterrent to those who need it most.

Since it is a surgical procedure, the costs associated with liposuction can be astronomical in the United States. This is what drives potential patients to seek affordable liposuction procedures overseas. The cost alone can be enticing even to those that can afford it in the United States.

What is important to consider is that the care quality can be of a lower standard. The reasons are because the training received by the doctors may not be the latest and greatest and the quality control measurements may not be up to par. This is not always the case, as doctors may have received their training in the United States, and the facilities may be top-notch.

Now that you are aware of the potential risks, it is time to review the positives:

In the US, liposuction can range anywhere from $2,000 to $9,000 depending on the particular procedure. The cost lowers significantly if overseas. Many countries are well known for having top-notch cosmetic surgeons, and for offering affordable liposuction procedures, such as Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, and India. Affordable liposuction is possible, but there are additional costs that have to figure into the total budget, such as: - Travel Ticket – Lodging – Rental Cars – Food – Time-off work to account for travel

The above all needs to be taken into account, which will give you the true picture of how much money you are spending. One of the added benefits, however, is that you can choose a destination that you truly want to visit. It will be an added-value if you enjoy your stay, rather than merely flying in and out as soon as possible.

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